Month: August 2016

AMQF – quilt showcase. – You need to go.

I had the opportunity to attend the AMQF (Australian Machine Quilt Festival) cocktail party last evening and after the event we were able to spend some time looking at some of the wonderful quilts on show. I’m going to share a few but the images are only for your enjoyment, certainly not to use for any other purpose. I really loved this quilt and it went on to win Best of Show. It’s different, it’s a whole cloth and I love the fact that the image is drawn on the surface of the fabric and of course the little trees are just charming and remind me of someone I know quite well. Methylene Blue  Mandalas, made and quilted by Katherine Jones inspired by cells under a microscope stained with  methylene blue stain.          

My permission slip.

So tonight I give myself permission to wind down just a little and empty my mind from everything personal and everything I ‘need’ to complete before my next journey in a few weeks.

It feels good my friends, you should try it.