AMQF – quilt showcase. – You need to go.

I had the opportunity to attend the AMQF (Australian Machine Quilt Festival) cocktail party last evening and after the event we were able to spend some time looking at some of the wonderful quilts on show. I’m going to share a few but the images are only for your enjoyment, certainly not to use for any…

My permission slip.

So tonight I give myself permission to wind down just a little and empty my mind from everything personal and everything I ‘need’ to complete before my next journey in a few weeks.

It feels good my friends, you should try it.

Capturing the textures and colors.

These images are copyright to Pam Holland, please contact me if you wish to take advantage of any of them. I took a friend to Cleland Wildlife Park the other day and these are some of the images I took of our native animals. I tried to capture the beautiful intricacies of the feathers, fur…

Capture and create.

All I can do is keep working, keep auditioning, keep talking to people – and whatever it takes to show other colors. Jim Parsons

Inspiration for images. – photography.

Photos for inspiration The images in this blog are owned by Pam Holland if you wish to use any of the images please email me at These images were taken in the lotus Garden in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  The pool into huge blooms in December and its always a race to get…

Gees Louise, it’s about to begin again.

What on earth is the next adventure you ask, well it may be coming to an interesting class. Joining me on a Textile tour of India and Nepal or even a class in the Carribean.

So its a flurry of excitement and work right now and I do admit that the brain is on overload.

When it all gets too much, I spend time with the Grandies,