My permission slip.

There is a note on the top of my little tower of post it notes. “to do”




Such a small insignificant thing  directing my  day, but there it is, sitting there quietly with the other 6 under my see through calendar mat. Here’s, what I’m getting at dear people, I  call it my ‘permission slip’.

Permission to finish a preview.    Permission  to create a blog link for an event.   Permission to help a lady in Muscat  get into class,  Permission to begin and audition a new technique, all work  but varied and enjoyable and  I’m a compulsive rule-follower.  So that’s it, I tick off each task as it’s completed and I silently and a smugly congratulate myself when its completed.

So tonight I give myself permission to wind down just a little and empty my mind from everything personal and everything I ‘need’ to complete before my next journey in a few weeks.

It feels good my friends, you should try it.


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  1. lindsy says:

    I love the concept of actually writing yourself a permission slip to give yourself to show that sometimes you just need a break. Wonderful!

  2. Adilee Bruggink says:

    I am so glad you are helping a lady from. Muscat; we lived there for many years and love the people and country. Thank you!

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