My head is spinning with design, and I suppose I could say desire.

I can’t afford most of the things I admire.


The day begins with warmth and elegance, the light filters gold through the window and changes everything to magic color of  Orange.


Miss rose had arrived at 3.00 am and it was with excitement that we met in the elegant lobby in our shorts and t’s and toddled off for our morning walk.

I love the heat, but I think I should get more points for walking in humidity. However, it works, clears the mind, gets the body moving and I drink more of the stuff called water.

Ginger and Liz arrived at 10.00 and there was great commotion in the lobby as we re-united once again. Ladies from Arizona, Australia, Scotland and El Paso.

My friend Anju met us again at 12.00 and we had a delicious lunch exploring new food and sensational tastes. The conversation flowed.

Hope I remember this correctly, yogurt, fried crisp spinach, tamarind and ……. it was delicious.

We had a superb day, but by then end the heat takes a toll on the body, these ladies lifted from the lives of suburbia were thrust onto the interesting and at times pure darn scary roads of Delhi. Yes, we also drove down the wrong side of the road amidst 5 pm traffic to get to our turn off quickly. We dodged thousands of motor bikes. We saw a family of 6 on one bike, and the variety of helmets makes your head spin.

You can just turn in front of anyone or cut off the car to the side of you as long as you use your horn. I love it and I’m in absolute awe of the drivers their driving skill is amazing.

So the following is a photo essay of our day.


Anju took us to a private museum, it was quiet, serene and beautifully presented. I was excited to find some of the walls of the buildings decorated this way.

For generations, the women of the Meena tribe in India’s Rajasthan state have been decorating the walls and floors of their homes with a stunning form of public art both graphic and decorative known as Mandana painting, using a white paste made of rice and milk to paint intricate motifs on these brown mud surfaces. This remarkable craft is passed down from mother to daughter, and the drawings themselves often depict maternal motifs of birds and animals with their young.




I took a lot of photos, and I just loved the pottery. It was so different to anything that I imagined.




The visual images were stunning and absolutely a great inspiration for this lady.

The textile museum was incredible, but you are not allowed to take photos….!! whoops slipped.



And I haven’t even touched on the fabrics and market, but that has to be for another day.

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  1. Beautiful! I’ve been putting more orange into things around the house lately.

  2. These photos are so warm and inviting, absolutely love the pottery too, thanks for brightening the day Pam!

  3. synelgg says:

    Love the photographer !!! Women are wonderful …what beautiful designs.

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