Houston- Day one for me.

Day one of inspiration. I just love to examine how people think and interpret.
Mind boggling to say the least.

Lets talk about the Chicken Bus.

Extra seats are added, racks on the roof to carry produce and I saw a goat and trussed sheep up there on one occasion. They whizz around those high mountain roads at break neck speeds. I would love a ride on one but I had a vision of the headlines. “Aussie grandmother meets her demise on a Chicken Bus”

The decorations are very interesting, and they just sparkle, not an ounce of dust on the shiny sides.

You must plant creative seeds to harvest later

I wanted to do a drawing of all the things I’ve seen, touched, love and have experienced here in Antigua. Most of my quilt images originate from my photos… but then some from my imagination.

So what better to do than to attempt to combine all of those things.

This is drawn on the iPad using colored pencils. The excitement of drawing in the iPad is that I can just press a button and rub out the parts I don’t like.

It’s almost 3.00 am. At home I could get up and with coffee in hand wend my way across the brick courtyard to the studio. But here in Antigua Guatemala we have just one large room so it’s a bit difficult to do my usual thing of getting up early and working without disturbing husband…

Unusual observations at the Dallas State Fair.

I love the unusual, and we sure found some very interesting and exciting things to share at the fair yesterday. We walked for miles, ate a hamburger and fries and had a wonderful day.

Lotus Reflections

This is a wonderful blog, thank you for your talent and creativity Leanne.

Danger in the Desert – of sorts.

You are also so high that you can’t see much, just the outline of the roof…. and this little possum ended up with a painful, neck after hitting the roof so many times..probably 40 or so.

So with all this behind me, I jumped in the front seat and claimed my spot… Keith was comfy in the back seat. We picked up 4 youngish Indian people and a small child. We had to wait 20 mins for them… but we chatted and I was unaware of what was to come.