Danger in the Desert – of sorts.

It’s  a little after 10.00 pm and I finally have the time, and of course the inclination to write the blog.

I have been working on videos of some of the wonderful textile events we’ve been to on this tour but it will take a while to get them all together so that they mean something.

I’ve been traveling for a month, leading a tour and my Husband Keith arrived in Dubai 4 days ago to finish the next two months touring with me.

Today the blog is pretty much a photographic event. It took place last evening and Keith and I had been looking forward to it immensely.

We booked our Desert Safari through our hotel and a young man duly arrived at 3.00 in the afternoon to pick us up in the 4 wheel drive. Now I’ve had experience at this, last time I had to sit in the back  of the vehicle, not just the back, but the back – back…3 of us  cramped into that darn seat and I guess you know what happens when you go down a steep sand dune and whizz up the other side sideways, you become very friendly with the person next to you and your personal space goes out the window.

You are also so high that you can’t see much, just the outline of the roof…. and this little possum ended up with a painful, neck after hitting the roof so many times..probably 40 or so.

So with all this behind me, I jumped in the front seat and claimed my spot… Keith was comfy in the back seat. We picked up 4 youngish Indian people and a small child. We had to wait 20 mins for them… but we chatted and I was unaware of what was to come.

First of all they wanted to out me from the front seat. But I was staying there and grabbed that front bar with my knuckles white and an expression of steel. They were going to have to pry me off that seat. Last time it was a young group of people who relegated us to the back, back… they refused to move!

We had just taken off when they began singing, very loudly. Every English nursery rhyme they knew and there were a lot….. one after the other,  and the dear little person with pink ribbons in her hair sang the entire song after them. Actually she turned out to be a boy and they were quite annoyed I called him a girl.

As we whizzed  up the first sand dune,  one young woman kept shouting “We’re going to die, we’re going to die” I was loving it and capturing as much as I could with 3 cameras.

After half an hour of revving, slipping, sliding and having a ball, we suddenly fell down the hill sideways, the tyre completely slipped off the rim.


I was thrilled really, the enforced stop  gave me the opportunity to escape and take photos and these are the results.


Tyre repaired and a lot of photos in the camera we took off again.

As we began again one of the ladies decided to vomit…. choice. You know it you have a problem with car sickness surely you wouldn’t do this sort of a trip.


5z8a83565z8a83495z8a83485z8a8355I just closed my ears and enjoyed the moments.



To be honest, there were 100’s of vehicles out on those dune in the misty light of dusk…..How we missed each other I will never know.


We dined in a sudo Bedouin camp and watched belly dancing of sorts. I found the young mans dance a little more fascinating… he lit up like a Christmas tree.



It was interesting and fun… but the trip home, an hour and a half of very loud, enthusiastic Hymns sung by four people who sang slightly out of tune from another, was something different. There was a huge sigh in our car when they bid us goodbye but  it was fun but it wasn’t quite what I expected.


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  1. Pam, Your adventures never disappoint. I felt as if I were right there beside you!

  2. glendajean says:

    haHaHaHa. Oh Pam only you could turn a nightmare in to some thing harliouse LLLLOL. You did not bring up all those children to be pushed around LOL. I really could see your whole trip. Thanks so much for the Wonderful photos through your eyes and the wonderful story!!!! Cheers Glenda FNQ PS one of my son and his family did that tour and they hit the bottom so hard once the car pressure bags went off and smoothed Laure?????

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