Lets talk about the Chicken Bus.

150,000 miles is the life of an American School Bus. A big old yellow brick. Sturdy, reliable and very special. They are sold at auction and many of them are bought  and driven down through Mexico to Guatemala where they are prepared for their second lives.

Extra seats are added, racks on the roof to carry produce and I saw a goat  and trussed sheep up there on one occasion. They whizz around those high mountain roads at break neck speeds. I would love a ride on one but I  had a vision of the headlines.  “Aussie grandmother meets her demise on a Chicken Bus”

The decorations are very interesting, and they just sparkle, not an ounce of dust on the shiny sides.

We went to the depot today and took our lives in our hands. I got so excited filming I almost got run down.


Each one has a female name “Antonieta”
The one on the left had a flashing sign and big old horns, very fancy and the yellow one is called Ana Bell.





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  1. Ohhhh… now I have old bus envy, fabulous photos Pam!

  2. hmunro says:

    What a cool post, Pam! I saw a few of these when I was growing up in Mexico, but your photos are even more beautiful and vibrant than the images stored in my memory. Nicely done!

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