The things I love at Quilt Market.

Friends I make no excuses for the choices I make  at Market. I love new ideas, young designers and I offer them with no apologies. This is the stuff that challenges me to create.



Love these ladies, they sure have style and they are also my students.

Moda booth.


Maker Maker


Love, love, love.


Carolyn Friedlander






Anna Griffin

Ella Blue




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  1. Hello Pam. Wonderful post. Love all your choices. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Pamela

  2. Eileen vlatko says:

    Hi Pam thank you
    Love seeing new designers.
    Thank you for your blog pics.
    I have quilt booth envy.
    Cheers Eileen vlatko

  3. Carol dunlop says:

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I could be there.

  4. Diedre Duncan says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, I have never gone to Quilt Market but it is near the top of my bucket list.

  5. Gorgeous and inspiring. No need to apologise! (Are there really some who think you should?)

  6. Jan Williams says:

    Love the pics Pam, makes me feel I’m there, myfriend is sending pics of the threads she’s got for me, so am thinking of you all and walking around the centre with you.

  7. slbuckin says:

    Great shots of a lot of interesting things. I LOVE that little bag of dollies! It’s nice to see up’n’coming designers. We all know the mainstream brands. Thanks for introducing us to some new ones.

  8. Loved this post!!!

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