Using Adobe Sketch for quilt and fabric designers.

This is not the best drawing I’ve done, but I’m working through the process right now. This is a pattern that I will re-create as an appliqué panel, but wanted to see if I could draw a quarter of the image and then see how it turns out when I mirror image it.

It’s an experiment

More images from the Houston Quilt Show.

Here at the Houston Quilt Festival, it’s an event of smiles.

50,000 smiles in fact. 50.000 people fly in planes, drive or come in buses to the George Brown Convention Centre in Houston all in the name of Textile Art and if you need to give it a label. “It’s essential Quilting”

Houston – Day 2.

Oh my, its just. Its been a whirlwind of engagements, inspiration and sheer fun. I haven’t had tie to breathe let alone do the blog, so this is the best I can do for today folks. Enjoy.