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Art Painted surface quilts from the International Quilt Festival 2016.

The hype of the wonderful IQA Houston Quilt show has ended and now that I have good internet,

I can finally share some of the quilts that I love and have huge admiration for.

What do you look for in a quilt?

I look for design, depth, visual impact and meaning. I personally think that the quilting should  be outstanding  at this level.

Art Painted Surface.

This is a quilt I admired a lot.

Compassion, by Hollis Chatelain, Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Where is the voice for African Women/Girls. Where is the voice for African Elephants, Where is the compassion?


This quilt is stunning.

King Bird of Paradise, by Susan Ennis, and Ginny Eckley, Humble, Texas.



Studying this quilt further, I just love the detailed tile pattern that has been illustrated and quilted into the background. Very clever and beautifully executed.




Color me Quilted, Coleen Barnhardt, Oregon City, Oregon.

This quilt started as a red motion whole cloth design in which I stitched with black thread on white fabric. It was then punted with textile paint and heat set for color permanency.


Jacobs treasures, by Susan Fletcher King, Houston Texas.


Beauty in the blues, Andrea Brokenshire, Round Rock, Texas.



Oscar the Great, Nancy Street Martin and Karen Sister, Owensboro, Kentucky.


The picnic, Gail Thomas, Vernon, British Colombia, Canada.

Srunning artwork by Gail. The child in me adores this piece.


That’s Amore by Barbara Forrister, Austin, Texas.


  1. Carol E says

    I was in Houston and just took so many random photos… I wish I had concentrated on looking for what really stupefied me. I don’t even remember most of these, except the one by Hollis. I loved that one, too. I took a class from her, but just a kind of glorified lecture.. way cool to watch her paint and quilt, but it was not a hands-on class for me.


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