Year: 2017

3 ladies on a journey. – Capture and create. Mt Everest.

Originally posted on I am Pam Holland:
I’m writing this as I sit here in the airport in Kathmandu, we’ve been through security at least 6 times. Been patted down in a small cupboard they call ‘security’ many times and the conversation noise is very loud. A man is washing the floor with a huge mop that looks less than hygienic. At least the floor is wet. There are hundreds of people milling around and we three ladies are sure in the minority. I slept fitfully during the night. It was warm enough to sleep without covering and a relief not to have the air conditioner on which plays havoc with my asthma. I  was aware that I needed to be up at 4.15 so of course at 2.00 am I woke to hear Hilary and Donald chiding each other on CNN. I had fallen asleep with the TV on and the sound reverberated around the room breaking the silence with Hilary’s laughter and Donald creating a ‘c’ in the air with his right hand.…

Paducah, day 2

I jumped out of bed in excitement and anticipation. I just love sharing my ideas, meeting new people and encouraging everyone to take a small leap out of the box.  On the road, you eat what you have in the fridge if you’re busy. Broccoli, cheese soup, yogurt, coffee and hummus. All pretty healthy, but not your normal form of sustenance for breakfast.