Month: February 2017

Images of Mexico City.

I put on another jacket today. One of a tour escort, so this morning was spent going over the paperwork and checking, checking and double checking the paperwork. I was still tired but forced myself to go out and walk… I’m very familiar with this area of Mexico City and it was wonderful to loose myself in the mysteries of a busy Sunday afternoon. I watched ballet on a big screen, wandered through small markets in the park and just observed the throng of people.

San Jose Costa Rica, capturing the essence.

There are lots of Japanese and Korean tourists on big pink buses that snake in a line down the freeways. One could say a caterpillar of tourists.

Our visit to the city yesterday was just like being in any largish city, our plan was to look at Texture, but when we managed to get our guide to take us to the ‘alternative’ part of town, we found delicious bakeries, a fabric shop, a market to buy Mola embroideries… and our day was complete.

Tango Mar. –

I woke with anticipation in the morning and a just a slight concern about the uncertain. I hadn’t traveled on Jetblue before, I’ve never been to Costa Rica and I was unsure of the timing of the events of the day. But you just let the events slide over you and the inevitable happens. The day proceeds like a thread through fabric, weaving and blending all the events to make one.