San Jose Costa Rica, capturing the essence.


p1150299Do you ever wake and have no idea where you are?
No doubt is is because of the strange dreams I’ve been having over the past week. But it is with a sigh when I realize just where I am.


Costa Rica.

This is a new experience for me and I really like this country. I’ve experienced  many South American countries and in comparison it is by far the most cosmopolitan.

There are lots of Japanese and Korean tourists on big pink buses that snake in a line down the freeways. One could say a caterpillar of tourists.

Our visit to the city yesterday was just like being in any largish city, our plan was to look at Texture, but when we managed to get our guide to take us to the ‘alternative’ part of town, we found delicious bakeries, a fabric shop, a market to buy Mola embroideries… and our day was complete.



Our visit to the fabric shop was really interesting and the ladies, both customers and staff were very pleased to interact with us… its a bit like a club really, one that our Guide Oscar has no clue about. Sorry Oscar.


The fabric, was not what we would use, rayon, and poly for the most part, but never the less interesting to see.


I had taken out my large camera in anticipation of capturing image of the people. Which I did with great respect.




If you capture a portrait, you capture the soul.


But of course the textiles are my passion and indeed that of the group.



These pieces of milk were in the market, and are a little rough, however, I bought some beautifully made molas which I will share later. These are touristy ones but nevertheless, hand made and embroidered.


We visited the Cathedral and the tiles were wonderful. Very different to the tiles in the churches in Mexico. I believe they were made in France.


We are just 8, its intimate and interesting. I have two roles and last night I admit to feeling very tired.

Today we study color and I don’t think we will have a problem with that.



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  1. slbuckin says:

    You go girl! Every trip you take is so interesting, always showing us, through your eyes, things we might never see! Thanks for taking us along with you. Safe travels.

  2. Lou Ann Schlichter says:

    Oh la la, love the molas!

  3. Susan Shamekh says:

    Hope to make a mola quilt SOME day!
    Look forward to seeing you in March (Dubai)

  4. glendajean says:

    Thank you Pam a lovely time had by all. You are wearing BLUE shoes not orange LOL. Love the photo of the old lady kneeling at the alter. Cheers Glenda

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