How do you travel? – my tips.

Traveling and living in hotels is an art in a way.

With almost 10 months on the road a year I’ve developed a few techniques for my comfort, safety and ease of travel.

First of all I stay at the same brand of hotel if I possibly can. This hotel was in Mexico last week. The Hilton.

Why do I stay in the same brand. First of all I do have wonderful privileges, having reached diamond status makes a huge difference, I generally have breakfast and supper in the club and free high standard internet. Other than that I know what the beds will be like, I know that all of the things in the bathroom are consistent and it might sound strange, but that’s very comforting when you travel.

I’m a light fanatic… I don’t have curtains at home, just pure light… so if I’m on a higher floor, I can do the same.


I need good internet and a desk to work at. I sure get crabby in this day and age if there is no desk and I have to work with computer on my lap. This is my communication with family and home. It’s so important for my personal wellbeing.


If I stay in a less than salubrious place, I use a ‘silk traveler’ it’s a silk cocoon with a stretch insert in both sides. you just slip into it and you’re safe from ‘Stuff’ (bed memories) You can generally buy them at out door stores.




I’ve tried many and  these are my current choices, I’ve used hem for about 3 years. They are expensive, but I do buy on sale. The wheel beautifully, I can manage 4 on my own.


I made covers for the cases. Originally I bought some, they were made of lycra, but it was thin and only lasted for one or two trips…  So I figured, thicker fabric, and after a few attempts, I managed it. These covers have lasted 3 years now and  trust me they are easily identifiable.

I don’t think any one would   run away with them.


Packing cubes made of woven fabric rather than plastic with  an open breathable top and a secure zip. Each cube isimg_2005 labeled for a specific type of garment. I can just lift them from the case and put the in the drawers.

Slippers given to me by friends…I know that sounds strange, but lots of times in the morning its cold and when I sit working….. they keep the tootsies warm.


Flask, plate, cup, spoon and coffee maker go with me as does my vegemite and a light quilt. It sounds like a lot, but the weight is minimal and makes my lot comfortable.

Travel is a state of mind, I’m  saying that I know everything, but these things make it easier and more comfortable for me while I’m working and that’s just what I need. If I’m uncomfortable in a difficult situation the homesickness overwhelms me.


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  1. bonnieb2 says:

    Thank you for showing us photos of your travel equipment. How do you pack up your cameras and tablets and laptop and cables?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Bonnie, I have a good quality camera bag and the tablets and computer go into the hand luggage.

  2. eileenkny says:

    Pam, I just read recently about bringing your own utensils and drinking cup with you. I’m traveling to the UK in June; where can I find those packing cubes?
    I think anything that helps your comfort when you’re away from home and family is worth while.
    Thank you for sharing your tips.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Eileen you can buy the at a sports shop (camping supplies)

    2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

      Online at ebags. They have a large variety of sizes and colors. I use them for every trip. Great tips, Pam, as always! and continued safe travels

  3. Susan Shamekh says:

    Thanks for sharing your travel tips- I am sure you could make money selling your luggage covers!

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