Old Delhi, take a walk with me.

I can’t believe it I lost an entire blog yesterday. I worked on it for hours.



So I open the door to the Alleyways of Old Delhi and let you into the world I experienced.

A thin, dark cavern is carved through the dense urban skin of Old Delhi. The array of tandoori ovens and open burners turn the alley into restaurant on the run.   An old man sits alone at the front of the shop cooking tempting dishes… I have no idea what they were, but he gave us one to sample, and it was hot, sweet and absolutely delicious.

Behind him, were a number of men preparing the dough and the filling, they enjoyed this funny lady photographing them.

They must have been good because my friend Anju bought some to take home.

Opposite this small room was the man making chai and a few friends gathered around him to sip tea and chat. The space he took up was just about a foot and a half, and motorbikes, and rickshaws wove their way past in a continuous stream. The light is muted and it was quite cool however, I think it would be rather stifling in summer.



I have no idea what this is, but I’ve seen it every time I come to India. Just the fact that it sits in a huge pan of Ghee is a little worrying.


This is my favorite drink Lime soda with sugar and salt. It looks wonderful, however, I don’t buy it off the street I only have it in restaurants. I think the sugar syrup has enough calories to make you hair curl.


Small restaurants line the walls of the alleys, the monkeys watch from above.



People are happy for you to take a photo, but I always ask.











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  1. I love how vibrant the colours are! Would really love to visit one day, but I feel like I need to find a friend to give me a tour too aha

  2. Beautiful photos!

  3. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    An amazing riot of color! Thank you!

  4. vsweta says:

    A beautiful post! I think your pictures capture not just the view but the ambience (the noise, smells and sounds) Old Delhi. The torn posters on the wall are such a common sight, it took your picture for me to realize that they are only common in India. 🙂 I can almost smell the mangoes, hear the cycle bell and the shrill honking of tiny scooters. The entangled wires, the nonchalant newspaper reader, the monkeys on top, the tea shops along the way…each picture is so regular and yet so special. Thanks for sharing.
    I love Lime Soda too, and I never stop at one. :D. The first dessert you had is called a Gujia (very common during festivals like Holi (festival of colors) and Diwali (festival of lights)). The yellowish orange tube like dessert is called a Jalebi (its a crispier vegan version of a funnel cake :)), and the yellowish orange pearl like desserts are called bond. (made from chickpea flour and dipped in sugar syrup, also commonly made during festivals)……Pardon my really really long comment, but I was missing India already and your post made me very nostalgic. Have a good weekend. 😀

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank so much for your comments and information…. sorry I made you homesick. I just loved every minute and I’ll be back.

  5. Thanks dear friend for sharing these interesting photos 🙂

    I have been many times to Delhi and think it is a very interesting town with an old culture.

    All the best

  6. hanuraman says:

    Pam ji, namaste !! I wonder how did you missed the golgappa/ pani puri there?
    And ur camera beautifully captures the colourful Delhi..Thanks for sharing…Happy blogging!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you.

  7. You managed to capture the vibrance of what I imagined Delhi would be. I particularly like the photo of those monkeys 🙂

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you.

  8. C. E. Ansel says:

    Stunning. What a terrific journey.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

  9. nice pics!

  10. babl says:

    Nice post. 🙂

  11. Hilda says:

    Your pictures bring back fond memories of the time I lived in Delhi.

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