Observations. – and admiration for a small US country town.

The  Saturdays are slipping  off the other end of the calendar and new ones are lining up for the rest of the trip. I have four  more to experience, more interesting people to meet and a few more adventures to experience before I get to go home.

I’ve had two Saturdays in  Costa Rica, Two in Mexico, one in California, two Saturdays were in India, the next was Oman, then 2 in Dubai, one in NY, and now today in upstate NY. I gave in and slept for a few hours this afternoon.

Yes, of course there are times when  I have to stop and think…. ‘now where am I’ but I honestly do know where I am, these images are from upstate New York taken last week.

FullSizeRender 62

I have been at a Textile art retreat with a group of lovely ladies from all over the USA. It’s an honor to share.  We had comfortable warm accommodation, Great food and we arrived as strangers and left as friends.

I was a little shocked at the low temperatures and I hope I didn’t mention the temperature too much.

I did get an opportunity to go out and photograph on the first day of sun.


We visited a small town of Coxsackie. The name of the town is said to be derived from a Native American term, but it has various translations (“owl’s hoot” is locally common).

Which is fitting for one of the projects done in class.


The settlement of Coxsackie began in the seventeenth century, approximately 1652, as part of the development of New Netherland.  The government of the area became established as a district in 1772, and Coxsackie was founded in 1788 with a town form of government. Part of Coxsackie was lost when the town of Durham was formed in 1790.





There are some grand old buildings indeed, but many have fallen into disrepair, however, I loved the textures and the antiquity.


I can’t imagine what its like to live in a small town like this that must have an amazing history. We stopped at a small cafe on the urging of the young owners and had a chat about the history. We sipped Matte, chatted and learned that the building was once used for storing ice blocks which were transported to NY City in summer and sold for $1.






This is an interesting way to take a selfie.



I loved capturing the images… its just as if I’m living in a postcard.


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  1. Karen says:

    Just simply stunning pictures Pam! You make the ordinary beautiful!! Thank you

  2. glendajean says:

    Hi Pam what amazing blog, I just loved those old buildings there are so many designs and shapes in them all. Your first photo I was not sure if it was a painting or a real photo LOL Then photo 2 the solid veranda fence those lines in the wood are beautiful, I fell in love with the owl. What a journey you are on, glad I’m travelling it with you from my arm chair LOL Cheers Glenda FNQLD

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Glendajean… thank you, glad you could share it with me.
      Thank you.

  3. Patty says:

    HI Pam, I been following your blog and visiting your site to get to know you because I’m signed up to take your Session 4 class at Empty Spools in Asilomar; Geraldine the Giraffe. I was excited before, but after following you and your adventures, I can hardly wait to meet you and hear your stories and learn your techniques and inspirations. I loved the door handle selfie! Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to meeting you the end of April.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thanks it’s going to be fun.

      1. Patty says:

        Hi Pam. I’m getting my things together for you upcoming class. I have a few questions about supplies/requirements needed for Geraldine class: Is our own design supposed to be an animal? Is it to be in the form of a photograph of a living animal or can it be a sketch, a likeness etc?
        Is lite Steam a seam 2 ok? See you soon. Patty

      2. Pam Holland says:

        Patty, it really needs to be an animal. Steam a seam 2 will work.

  4. ginastartup says:

    Nice pic and enjoyed thoughts on small town. I was born and raised in upstate NY. Not too of a small town. Poughkeepsie is where I was born and went to school then I moved to Wappingers Falls. 3 years ago I had to relocate to bucks county. I like it but I miss my Hudson valley with view of mountains. Everything is so flat here. 😕

  5. Melanie Dossey says:

    Pam, I love your perspective on the world. After getting a good start on Geraldine, the Giraffe in Houston in November, I placed 2nd in Modern Quilt category in the East Texas Guild Quilt show in Tyler, Texas. Would love to have you stop on your travels for a look at East Texas!

  6. I was able to take classes with you on a cruise about 5 years ago and am still learning from you as I read your blogs and look at all your great photography.

    Loved all these shown above, however, I must admit that I liked the selfie one mainly because of the “stink bug” striking a pose and being included in the shot.

    I know there must be a more formal name for this insect but childhood names seem to always pop up first. Plus they really do stink when you try to catch and hold them.

  7. Amazing story. keep up the blog. this is the quality am aiming at for my new blog here.

  8. Your work is amazing! Do you have a blog on your process, the materials and techniques you use?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Pamela, I do add small projects on this blog.

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