The miracle of the day.

There is a grey blue light outside and by the time I have gone through my emails and finished this post it will burst into orange.
The miracle of the day.
So I figure that when the day begins with such an event, the rest of the day almost can’t go wrong.
Maybe it’s just attitude that allows you to see the ‘graciousness’ in moment. I figure that if you grab that jolly word with both hands and hang on, you can’t go wrong for the rest of the day.

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  1. lisa evola says:



  2. wheresida says:

    Pam, love your photos! Sorry I missed you at Asilomar (or any place for that matter( this year.


  3. Sharon Lee says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow! Can’t wait! One of my favorite places in the world.


  4. sandycurran says:

    Beautiful thought……thank you!


  5. So true! Attitude is everything, and an attitude of gratitude – like you show here, even though it’s not the word you use – makes everything easier. Life shines when you’re aware of the grace in every moment, even though your life might be filled with struggles.


  6. Rene Gellings says:

    Thank you for capturing the beauty of this place . Thank you for a wonderful week.


  7. Collect Life says:

    Ah, I’ve been to Asilomar and yes, such beautiful sunsets😀


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