Traveling, Teaching and Tall Tales.



Day 2 of the Journal.


On_life_As I traveled I designed this small quilt. I shared it with our Guild and I think we had 180 people creating it in the same class.  I think it was a record.

I will share the pattern for this little piece tomorrow.



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  1. glendajean says:

    LOL Your story stopped when you wrote about two young men in a white commodore ??????? I will just have to wait and see if you carry on with the story tomorrow LOL Cheers Glenda FNQLD

  2. Your story and drawings always…always put a smile on my face! I look forward to the continuation of this particular story.

  3. glendajean says:

    Rest of the story was there this morning????? Glad you were able to ditch them in the end. Not a nice experience. Those mail boxes bring back lots of memories LOL

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