How to make the little quilt. -It’s drapplique.

What is Drapplique.

My word for drawing and appliqué.

A few people have written to me and asked how to complete this small piece.

The pattern is traced onto the tracing paper side of fusible web.

Fusible web is a paper with glue on one side and tracing paper on the other. I use a mechanical pencil to trace the image of the star.




The star is ironed, glue side down to the back of the fabric.



Then cut out the star on the pencil lines.

Iron it to the background fabric and with a black pigment ink pen, size 0.5. draw a little pattern onto the star, wandering from the background, around the star and onto the background fabric again.


This is the pen I use, a uni pin fine line.  I think you can buy these on line now in the USA. I buy them in Australia and take them with me as I travel. Unlike other pigment ink pens they have a rounded tip which makes it easy to draw on fabric. It’s permanent and won’t wash off.


The coloured pens are Tsukineko, or more commonly known as Fabrico pens. They are pigment ink and are permanent, no matter how hard you try. It will never wash off.



Using the pattern of the crows, you do the same thing, trace them onto fusible web, iron the glue side down to the back of the fabric and cut them out and iron to the background. The instructions are clear on the size. But you need to remember to reverse two of the crows.


I do some pretty fancy colouring n my appliqué these days.

These socks are drawn with pen, just like the drawing of the leaves. They are drawn on white fabric and made to look dimensional with shading. Then appliquéd and quilted down with invisible thread.



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  1. Great technique. I love the socks, you have really made them look 3D.

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