Monkey Matters – a photographic journey.

I’ve been going through some photos today for an exhibition.

I came across these and I forgot how much I enjoyed the experience. We were in Thailand visiting a Fishing village and our guide took us into the mangroves to feed the monkeys. I took hundreds of photos, most of them made me laugh, but here are just a few.

I do admit to being a little afraid when we had about 10 of them on our boat.

The whole family hangs around in the mangroves waiting.
Sometimes you get caught in the water with mango all over your face.
You stuff in as much as you can.
But you still have to look after the kids.
The best thing to do is jump up and the boat and grab the darn mango.
Hang on there.


Belly flop with the kid in tow.

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  1. Heide says:

    I would have been a bit apprehensive to share the boat with about 10 of those little fellas too, Pam — they are as unpredictable as their human cousins, after all! But clearly you overcame your trepidation to capture some really wonderful photos. I especially love the one of the mom leaping with her baby; don’t know whether to admire her athleticism, or the baby’s ability to hang on! Great post.

  2. This is a nice post. The monkeys is kinda creepy but also fun to watch. I especially like the belly flop with kid picture.

  3. Melanie Dossey says:

    The train coming through the market made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Love your journey and wish I were there.

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