Another day of travel, another country.


I worked as we flew and drew this image in the iPad. It’s an idea from a sketch I saw on the internet. Just exploring The idea of machine and hand embroidered thread sketch.

I sleep little the night before I leave. Goodness, I spend most of my life traveling, you’d think that I would be used to it. OK, yes I am, but it’s the fact that I need to have all my ducks in a row and I have been known to forget something… Like my undies for instance. Having to replace them in Thailand was hilarious. I’m not huge, but I’m also not Thai size!

We arrived at the airport just before 5.00 am this morning to be told the plane was late. Woow I only have a few hours in Hong Kong to catch the next flight and I don’t want to miss that one, I have to fly to Leon in Mexico the next day.

So sitting here in the club, I can people watch and work to bide my time. I just sent a list home to my husband and son. Just a gentle reminder to clean the kitchen, wash the floors every couple of days and despite their manly efforts last time, it took me two weeks and a bit of a frustrated sigh to get it all back right again after 4 months away. So here it is, 5 weeks, I’ve just got everything in order and now I’m off again and the circle goes round and round. This is a new idea and I don’t think for a minute it will help, but at least I tried. Maybe just a little note jog will be a reminder.

IMG_4948 2

Onto the flight and I’m sitting in my own little pod with three windows and an exit to the aisle, I don’t have to climb over the person next to me on this Cathay Pacific flight. The breakfast was quite nice and I’ve been working ever since we left Adelaide., 4 hours so far and another 4 to go to Hong Kong.


OK, so I’m going to LA, why via Hong Kong… Simple, I travel Qantas one world and I’m a Platinum plus flyer. I’m too old to sit in coach, and it was $XX,000 to go business with Qantas, Cathay is cheaper, considerably. So the extra 5 hours on the plane was worth it.

This is my pay it forward trip so I fund it myself. That means I don’t get to buy any new clothes for a year…(well sort of)

The trip was fine, it takes about 8 hours. I worked most of the time, watched a movie and ate a little. I had no intentions of sleeping because I was traveling on another leg to LA from Hong Kong.

On arrival, I was blessed by a blast of very hot air as I walked from the plane to the air bridge. Sigh, finally in a warm environment. I had to physically run, the little lady at the end of the Jet bridge told me so. Run, find the escalator, run on 3 sets of travelators onto the train, through security, another two sets of travelators and I made it at the gate just as the gates were about to close. Lucky the legs and heart works.



The view as we left Hong Kong was interesting to say the least.



The trip from HK to LA went fast, 11 hours in all, I put on my pyjamas that don’t look like pyjamas, settled into my private pod, ate dinner, and slept. 12K in business class on Cathay, yep, that’s the good seat.. I normally arrive at 7.00 am when I travel Qantas, what a difference arriving at 2.00 pm. The lines were massive, but to their credit and the joy of a visa, I was able to get through reasonably fast.


Finally in LA, but not for long.!!!!



Dinner with family, and a  not too healthy meal, but the garlic fries were special and then get ready for the next day.

Another day of travel, another country.

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  1. Pamela armas says:

    I’m exhausted from this travel schedule!

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