The stories behind the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

It’s been a bit difficult trying to find the time to write the blog and catch up on business emails that need to be attended to, but I’m going to take it step by step.

I recently shared my experiences at the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts. The event  began with an idea 8 years ago and now has become an established event in Alamogordo. Staffed by volunteers and with the support of the 1st National Bank of Alamogordo we have been able to give about $70,000 to the young people of Otero County.

I know it makes a difference.

I donate my time, airfare…. Well, everything really and this year we had students come from all over the USA to attend. It’s a humbling experience.

Thank you too to Tutor Sue Rasmussen for donating her time we really appreciate it.

We have about 50 booths and I have to say almost all of the participants in the booths are there with stories to tell, so I will share those with you over the next few days.

Lets take  the story of a young man called Zac Garcia who suffered a crippling accident a year or so back.

I visited Zac a few times at our event last week. He sat in his booth and made hats, he can make five a day on his trusty singer sewing machine.

I bought fabric and he made one for me to give to Jaya.

This young man captured my heart. He was so happy, sitting sewing and doing what he loves best. He also mentioned he’s making clothes.

This is a young man who will go far.

Bless him.



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