Thrift store magic – photographic journal.

I adore thrift store shopping, and the place to do it is in the USA. The only problem is that it’s too expensive to bring the things back home.

I’m Australian and we really don’t have the same sort of stores. Ours are called “Op shops” and yes, you can buy old furniture, linen, clothing, but in the US, it almost seems to be an art form.

Thrift stores are full of the most interesting things and I love visiting and taking images simply because I can’t take them home.


All of these have been added to my fabric stash, I use them and share them with students and the cute box of buttons features on the stand in my great room.



boots 2saddlehorsechair 1

I’ve never seen tractor seat stools at home… I mean how wonderful would these look in the kitchen.

Why do I like them?, it’s the shape mainly, but I love the old rusty look. It’ wouldn’t matter if the Grandies spilt milk on them either.

I have the boots and I actually have chairs like this but not turquoise… and there it is, the idea. Why don’t I paint my wooden ones turquoise… (well maybe just one so see how it looks) But it’s a super idea.


Old Coca Cola bottles… look wonderful on the shelf.



I’m Queen of Vintage Quilts… I own lots, and I find it hard to pass them up. Actually I didn’t buy this one, but I have a large stash. I just can’t go past something that was made by hand out of re-purposed fabrics. I use them in my home and the Grandies love them to snuggle under at our place.



Everything vintage.

But maybe it’s just memories of my childhood.

Love the skull and barb wire?


There’s that jolly turquoise again.

DSC03419case 2laceDSC03423_HDR

I don’t even know what some of these things are? but they are just charming.



Love, Love, Love.


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  1. Great finds. I especially love the Churn Dash quilt <3

  2. marysalmon says:

    Oh Pam! This blog really got my energy bug going!
    I still plan on taking a class from you but I only have an iPad mini. I’m planning on getting a pro
    when som bills get paid. Hope to at least see you again in Houston.
    Mary in New Braunfels, Texas

  3. Lou Ann Schlichter says:

    FYI, the metal vessel with wooden piece is for forcing cooked fruits & veggies through the tiny holes by rotating the wood stir-stick round & round to create pulp from our Concord grapes. I would then put the pulp on cheese cloth and let the juice drip out and then make popcicles for my kids, well for their playmates too! I always thought I would make grape jam, but by the summers end, there wasn’t one drop left. I finally sent mine to a thrift store when I stopped canning the fruits & veggies from our garden

  4. You have to come back to Queensland we have those tractor seats all over the place. In pubs mainly.

  5. Joy O'Brien says:

    Hi Pam
    Love all the old stuff. You are one after my own heart. My place is stuffed with things like that. Spoke with you at Quilt Encounter in Adelaide.
    Joy O’Brien

  6. pamela armas says:

    I enjoyed this thrift store post. There is beauty, art and magic in just about everything we see. You have captured all of the above.

  7. Tracy says:

    Pam!!! Of course you should paint the chair(s)…you won’t be sorry! They will be fantastic! Hugs from Florida!

  8. I love the way you take photos!
    And everything else!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you so much

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