Capturing the memories, the beauty and the free.

The morning was crisp and clear. White puffs of breath air accompanied us on our walk, the temperature was just 1 degree and that’s just a little colder than I’m used to.

Morning dew soaked everything.

We walked across the road from our hotel into the historic City Park. A place that had been a part of my childhood up until the age of 10.


One of the fountains, adorned in vintage colors, sprayed water like diamonds falling slowly to the ground.



The long shadows of morning added to the ambience.



For the past 30 years, the park has hosted a group of Japanese monkeys and they paid little heed to the weather.  They might seem a little out of place – they might even seem totally bananas – but Launceston’s City Park star attractions will get you chimping around in no time.

Sure, they might be 8662km from their native Japan, but a troop of macaque monkeys seem right at home in Tasmania’s fair northern city. Launceston has become almost synonymous with monkeys for tourists – that’s how popular these red-faced beauties are – and the enclosure is most certainly an old favourite for local families.



You can find interesting textures and colors just about everywhere. I look for shadows, colors and line.

Late in the afternoon I wanted to visit the Tamar Island wet lands park, we got there a little late and it was really quite cold, but we walked as fast as we could along the elevated paths and the setting sun turned everything to gold.




A day of color, and memories.

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  1. Beamond Mary says:


  2. pamela armas says:

    Thank you for sharing

    another adventure!

  3. Pam Vanderzalm says:

    Stunning shots, nature sure is breathtaking and you have captured it in its splender.

  4. You did capture memories. How nice for you.

  5. Joy O'Brien says:

    I love following Pam’s adventures

  6. Lesley Hurt says:

    Photos really capture the morning mood. Beautiful colours.I love Lonnie too.

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