Houston Festival and market:- Day 1, part 2.


Sue Spargo Exhibition.

I have been an admirer of the art and the whimsy of Sue Spargo for many years and it was wonderful to see her exhibition here at Houston. How lucky are we.

Her quilts overflow with warmth and wisdom.

I love the combination of wool and cotton.








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  1. so beautiful……


  2. Sue says:

    Omg,,,I Lov sues art work,,thank you


  3. Denee Nelson says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures. The quilts are amazing!


  4. Pamela armas says:

    Such a wonderful body of work bursting will color and excitement!


  5. Pamela armas says:

    I had to go and see this display of Sue’s work again. AMAZING!


  6. Pam, Thank you for sharing the images from the show. I have never been and was planning on going this year but it just did not work out. So I appreciate you showing the quilts. It is not the same as seeing them in person but it is the next best thing for me.
    Connie Reilly
    Atlanta, GA


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