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Houston Quilt Festival:- Day 2.

The Hands all round exhibition.

From my observation this group of quilts was quite diverse. I recognized several of the exhibitors without reading the description.

These are the quilts that I had a connection with.

The quilt I enjoyed the most is “Life’s a Beach”

It’s interesting photographing the quilts, you hear so many different comments. One lady came up to me, she saw me taking a lot of photos.    “Getting ideas for your class” she said..  Little does she know that I don’t need any more ideas, they flow far too fast and then there is the ‘pam’ signature…. none of these honey.





  1. Melanie Dossey says

    I always love your blog. I will be in Houston and stop by to say hello. I have learned a lot from you with the two classes I have taken, Geraldine, the Giraffe and Chalk and Cheesecloths. Keep going, girl.


  2. Merci pour avoir mis mon Heure bleue IV dans vos coups de coeur de l’exposition Hand All Round et bravo pour vos articles sur Houston


  3. Thank you for having photographed my quilt “Heure Bleue and thank you for the various posts on Houston best regards of Switzerland


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