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Houston Quilt Festival:- Day 2.

The Hands all round exhibition.

From my observation this group of quilts was quite diverse. I recognized several of the exhibitors without reading the description.

These are the quilts that I had a connection with.

The quilt I enjoyed the most is “Life’s a Beach”

It’s interesting photographing the quilts, you hear so many different comments. One lady came up to me, she saw me taking a lot of photos.    “Getting ideas for your class” she said..  Little does she know that I don’t need any more ideas, they flow far too fast and then there is the ‘pam’ signature…. none of these honey.





  1. Melanie Dossey says

    I always love your blog. I will be in Houston and stop by to say hello. I have learned a lot from you with the two classes I have taken, Geraldine, the Giraffe and Chalk and Cheesecloths. Keep going, girl.


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