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Walking in Antigua today. – a visual feast.

Finally winding down now that we are here in Antigua Guatemala and my group is just wonderful.
That said, our feet pounded the cobblestones over 17,000 times today.
I decided that we would eat at a different restaurant each morning for breakfast and our Guide Carlos took us to an amazing restaurant.
I didn’t get the name of it, but I will post it later and I highly recommend it.
I tried a drink called Arroz en Leche, basically it’s thin rice pudding…. Oh, so delicious and best of all, it’s just a dollar.
Our Itinerary was to walk in the town this morning. I was cool and mild, the sun peeked through the clouds and sent delightful colors streaming down the cobblestone streets.  The volcano is spewing lava and steam creating clouds of mist. (but I’m told its safe)
I love the walls of this city, so my first photographic genre was to capture the texture and color.
This is my favorite wall. How many colors.
One wonders just how old the doors are?
If I understand correctly. Antigua is heritage listed by Unesco and that means the paint used on the buildings has to be a powder paint used in days gone by, so the previous layers are visible through the colored powder.
Some of the walls are luminous blue, yellow, red, purple…. making it a place I love very much walking through.
I took several hundred images and will put them up in another format as soon as I can.
I do need to sleep.


  1. Pamela armas says

    Your photographs are amazing as usual. . It’s been years since I was in Antigua. Seeing your photographs brings back fond memories. We are on our second day of being Gypsy road warriors headed for home. Driving through El Paso right now and plan to stay in Las Cruces for the night. Home tomorrow early evening. Great seeing you briefly in Houston.


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