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Stay tuned for the new tour information on our Textile tours to India 2018, Thailand 2018, India  2019 and Guatemala.   Possibly more.  These are the educational tours where everyone participates. I will teach art, photography and a little about Textiles, but we will have tutors  to take you through many of the  techniques of dying, printing and stitching and the amazing history of textiles.

Dying and rinsing the fabric. Each piece is 8 metres long, Imagine how heavy it is.
Indigo dying



The Textiles in Guatemala are just amazing, the colours, the techniques and the spectacle of the day to day lives of the wonderful people. I know the area well, the best restaurants, the best place to buy the fabrics and huipils  and how to take spectacular photographs.






I often add a little chat on FB, but I don’t get to share with my blog friends…. sorry about the subject… but I sort of just chat.


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  1. Put me down for Thailand please.

  2. Linda says:

    Looks great! I hope you’re ‘dyeing ‘ and not dying! I will look at this when all info is available.

    Linda Teufel Sent from my iPad


  3. Deb Thompson says:

    Very interested in India Pam. Would Keith like some company too??

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yes, He will be there and would love company.

  4. Pamela Armas says:

    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas under the gum trees!

  5. misschauhan says:


  6. Marilyn Brundage says:

    Do you post the trip information and registration on line? When will it be posted?

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