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Christmas Day at the Hollands.



Just a short video to share a little about our Australian Christmas.

Wishing all my friends on the blog and Social Media an exciting New Year.


Christmas at the Hollands from Iampamholland on Vimeo.


  1. Pamela armas says

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful and festive Christmas celebration.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Hugs, Gypsy pamela


  2. Mary Duhon says

    I enjoyed your Christmas messsage and the beautiful natural backdrop behind you. I, too, took the day off (other than delivering soup to a daughter who is under the weather). I always feel guilty dong nothing, and yes ,I think that is the ‘mother man[a’ that trains us to take advantage of every free moment to get something done. I also had a quiet, empty house today which means I read my latest quilt magazines, made notes for my next project, and renewed my nursing license for (at least) one more year as I love nursing as well as sewing and gardening and though I am retirement age I cannot yet give it up.


  3. Lavern says

    Thanks Pam for taking us on a little visit to Australia. Always enjoy these. Makes us feel like we are just down the street. And, I love showing my friends and family your beautiful setting, your family and your art.


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