For dedicated quilters, going to Asilomar is like a week long creative party.



I was up early this morning but the weather didn’t look promising, it was  cold and raining and indeed it’s still just 13 degrees.

I had work to do today, a short walk to the supermarket to buys supplies for my room, Essentials like coffee, dates, humus, avocado, tostadas, tinned tuna and crackers. Fortunately the rain cleared and I took off for  Staples to get photocopies for class.

A huge stream of people came in clutching their phones. Each wanting 5″X 3″ head shots taken as selfies. There was a casting call held at the local hotel and the line wound round and round the building.

Yes, it was interesting but would you wait for hours in a line to be an extra in a movie. NO!

There are no quilters here yet. (well I haven’t seen any)  I guess I can spot them a mile off but I met the most interesting man at lunch. He had the cutest round glasses and of course I told him so… then we had a conversation about glasses.

It was great to visit with him, we talked about the psychology of creativity. Those little surprises are precious. He mentioned that some people live their creativity, it affects everything they do. I never looked at it that way.

It takes me a while to unpack and I put on classical music and dedicate the rest of the afternoon going over all of my very important notes.

The sun was shining so just before dinner I braved the cold and walked to the beach


wave 3 - Version 2
I’m trying to catch the iridescence of the waves.


waves 6








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  1. Kathleen P. Clancy says:

    Pam says it all when she says “You’ll leave this class surprised at what you have accomplished!” Nothing could be truer than my recent class March 18-23, 2018. I have a vision impairment but, wanted to try to learn “thread painting” or give it a try.
    Pam was an Excellent teacher, in that she helped each of us conquer our greatest concerns, frustrations, machine particularities and help every student leave with “I can’t believe the results from this class!!” What an inspiring experience to hear her background and her project ambitions. Incredible experience.

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