Crikey it’s a crow



I’ve just spent almost two weeks at the Empty Spools Quilting Retreat in Asilomar.

I was out photographing on a very cold evening. When a crow began to follow me. He landed on a branch in front of me and I just snapped a few photos of him against the sky.

I love whimsy, so I decided to draw him the next day.




Then I figured why not share him. After putting him up on Facebook a number of people have begun to re-create him in different forms. Drawing and fabric…So a few friends decided we need a crow competition.

So far the ladies from Alamogordo New Mexico are well into the spirit lead by Caron.

We need some Aussie crows, and crows from other countries folks

And here it is.

The PDF of the pattern is below…. so I’m anxious to see how far this goes.

The crow.

Create the crow, in any form you would like.

Deadline for judging.   –  30th of April and there will be a prize for the

‘Best imaginative crow.’

I will create a small crow quilt for the winner. 

Send your photos to


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  1. Kathy Donaldson says:

    Here he is Pam! Ready to quilt. This little project really got my creative juices flowing. Thanks for the challenge.

    Sent from my iPhone Kathy Donaldson


  2. Jean Condon says:

    The crows around here have kept their distance, the doves, on the other hand, are always around, in great numbers. Do you know the sound of doves taking off? When they catch me off guard, my heart skips a beat.

  3. jlheuer says:

    Wish I had read this earlier, I certainly would have sent you a crow creation.

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