Month: April 2018

Germany at last.

Our first morning in Krefeld was met with bright sunshine. I woke and looked out the window and along the tree lined street were trees in pure spring green, magnolias were on every block and the centuries old dwellings are of immense proportions. I had a relaxed breakfast on the verandah overlooking the gardens and pinched myself at my good fortune.  Gone was the niggling insecurity  of “why am I here” that rears its head sometimes as a Tutor on the road. As an explanation for my comments I’ve  had two months travel so far. Three  countries and hundreds of  people to interact with and instruct and personal space is snatched in small parcels of time. Later in the morning, Lisa and I decided to walk to a local park we saw on the map Claudia gave us and after a small interaction with a couple of workmen over the road, we were pointed in the right direction. How many times did we smile, how many times did we tell each other how lucky we …


Capturing the moment. It’s snowing and I have the luxury of staying in bed just a little longer than normal. When you travel, normal things seem to fade into the background. At home I would be out in the studio by 7.30 am, but I’m not at home. I’m in a hotel room some 50,000 miles from normality and I get terribly homesick at times like these. This is very much part of my life and at times I struggle with the reality of coping with foreign environments despite the experience. I often travel with my own quilt… this time I have a vintage quilt that I’ve owned for a few years. 10 of the others collected from various places have been packaged and sent home… this one I’ve chosen to travel with me for the next month through Germany and Ireland. It’s just one thing I own, I have control over and is familiar. I sat in the easy chair wrapped in the quilt as I watched TV and on several occasions I’ve fallen …

A little down time.

Being anonymous is wonderful. I don’t have to share my life story at lunch or dinner. It’s very flattering some times but after 10 days I long for a quiet place and here in my home base in NM I can do that. Besides I’m staying with my best friend and we just enjoy interesting things together like photography,  art and travel.