Capturing the moment.

It’s snowing and I have the luxury of staying in bed just a little longer than normal. When you travel, normal things seem to fade into the background.

At home I would be out in the studio by 7.30 am, but I’m not at home. I’m in a hotel room some 50,000 miles from normality and I get terribly homesick at times like these.

This is very much part of my life and at times I struggle with the reality of coping with foreign environments despite the experience.

I often travel with my own quilt… this time I have a vintage quilt that I’ve owned for a few years. 10 of the others collected from various places have been packaged and sent home… this one I’ve chosen to travel with me for the next month through Germany and Ireland. It’s just one thing I own, I have control over and is familiar. I sat in the easy chair wrapped in the quilt as I watched TV and on several occasions I’ve fallen asleep immediately.   Lets say it’s a comfort companion.

Tonight I will sleep in yet another bed as I wing my way to London and then on to Dusseldorf Germany.

I will be with friends for an exciting adventure, teaching in Germany and Ireland. Dozens of my past traveling companions have opted to share my experiences of travel in Ireland I will share my ideas or photography and creating the moment. So this small moment of self indulgence is fleeting. I will certainly have no time to think about home when I begin work again.

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  1. Linda Irby says:

    I love the comfort of an old quilt. My favorite one makes me feel unconditional love, warmth from a quilt ” hug”, peaceful, contentment, thankfulness and sweet memories from my Grandmother, my Mam-Ma….Forever in my heart. I love you.

  2. Lesley Lyons says:

    It’s nice to be away on an adventure, but as the plane got closer to home I always said … whip up them horses and get home quick. Many travels I took my own pillow, but since 911it is one less hassle to deal with. Thank goodness for digital cameras…… did I say digital… hate that word and what it represents… I always took the minimum of 100 rolls of film and that caused no end of problems, notably US Customs.

  3. Lesley Lyons says:

    Safe travels, Pam.

  4. Becky Peebles says:

    Thanks as always for sharing your life of travel and creativity. Will you be showing the Bayeux at the IQF Houston 2018?

  5. It’s not for nothing that quilts are sometimes called comforters. Good idea to take one with you on your travels.

  6. Becky Bucci says:

    I don’t know how you travel as you do. The world is a different place and air travel is not the enjoyable activity it once was, in my humble opinion. I do enjoy living vicariously through you, so thanks for sharing your life.

  7. Pamela armas says:

    Snuggle up and ENJOY!

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