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Pam’s Houses Competition.


As promised the Houses to create magic.

I would love to share my little houses with you and I wonder what you would do with them?

You could put them in a line,
Built a Neighbourhood.
Design a quilt.
You can enlarge them, add to them, create your own, but you need to have at least 50% of my design in your creation.

You have from now until the 3rd of August (SA time) to work your magic.
The prize will be one of my small houses quilts made just for you! And 6 runners up will receive “The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet”

This time I will share all of the entries on a page on my blog.

Pam’s houses competition.  

If you click on the link above it will give you the PDF you can print out.










    • Of course, it’s for anyone. No restrictions on size, It doesn’t even have to be a quilt, it can be a top. Picture of good quality will do.


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