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Preparation for travel is always part of the excitement of taking a journey.

I personally prepare my cases after unpacking the last trip.  Clean them, wash the covers and the  pods you store your clothes in and put them back in the case in preparation for the following trip.

Whoops but this time I can’t find my big old green case  weigher…. or whatever you call it.  I’ve had it for about 12 years…but somehow it has not been  put back in the right place after my last return (which by the way  was only 4 weeks ago)

Packing the cases,  means extending the imagination as you do so. What to wear on  each occasion,  and then maybe a few spare interesting outfits, but at least I won’t need winter clothes this time, it’s  going to be hot, hot, hot, just as I like it.

On this trip I’ll even get a little down time with friends and for me that means shorts and T’s, and no responsibilities for a few days at least.

You don’t just pack the case and go.  There is a huge amount of paperwork and preparation. I feel a huge responsibility to the people who spend time with me. Most have a considerable amount time and effort invested in their trips and I don’t want to disappoint them. I personally have to do the best I can do under all circumstances.

That said, I enjoy everything I do.


It’s a space I love to work in,  it affords me the most extraordinary experiences, so with those things in mind my interest is heightened and  that’s why I draw or take so many photos. I just want to capture it all.

Specially when I travel with the Grandies.

Pueblo at Taos.





The colours of Santa Fe.


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