Month: July 2018

Make the most of every day.

Share your love, your joy, and the things you have learned on your journey
This will be somebody else’s courage.
Travel the world and feel every moment of the experience.
Love with passion, give freely, take with grace.
Speak honestly, walk with pride and learn constantly.
Once you have the tools, you can build the life you dream of.

Pams Houses competition entries.

  I decided to put my house project on white tennis shoes.  I started with my black Uni pen, drawing the ground, houses and clouds.  Then colored them with pigment ink.  Finally added a plane for you as your off to travel the world!  This was great fun and now I can wear your houses and show them off – once my leg is as all healed.  LOL. Joan Ascue   This is my entry for your competition -I had fun making it. This is a small quilt 151/2″ x 11″.  The size was governed by the size of the piece of sun dyed fabric that I wanted to use for the sky.  I wanted to use as much as possible of it for the sky so just made gentle curves for the hills. I quilted the rolling hills before doing the applique. I have a small bag of prefused fabrics left over from other projects so I wanted to use those in my little quilt. I used some of your house and tree patterns …