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My day began with the most delicious breakfast.
Sitting in a restaurant where you look quite out of place is an interesting experience. I think I was the only European person visiting today. I sat amongst young women in beautiful Saris, Business men in suits and Indian tourists.

Its exciting to see what is on offer for breakfast and my choice was baked yoghurt, Mint and lemon water, Ginger Tea, some bircher muesli, prunes and walnuts and a Masala Dosa.
Finished with a much needed cappuccino.

It was actually lunch time in Australia, so I took my time, did a little drawing and enjoyed the ambience.
The the body said rest again and I laid on my couch covered myself with my white muslin cover and fell asleep until 12.30 pm.

It’s been a quiet day, I’ve had a lot of work to complete and I’ve only had a short walk in the garden to get a little fresh air. Tomorrow I take the camera out to seriously capture images.

I did find a wonderful eshibition downstairs in the hotel. Artist is Anjaneyulu G.


It was a wonderful find.

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  1. Donna Lohman says:

    Off to a rocky start, but now that is out of the way, I am sure your journey will be wonderful. Looking forward to your trip. See you in Houston. Safe travels

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