Quilts from the International Quilt Festival.


Untitled_48I have so many quilts to share with you and so little time before we begin our next adventure.

It’s so interesting going to Houston and walking around the quilt exhibition. Have you walked the aisles and seen a new technique and suddenly thought well why didn’t I think of that? Then on the other hand some of the quilts and ideas look very familiar.!

I love to look at the use of colour, the quilting and the expert techniques the makers employ. I think it gives me an idea as to the personality of the maker. Then again when I look at some of the quilts in detail, some

Carnival by Beth Nufer of Brookings Oregon USA with Clem Buzic.

This quilt won a second place in the pieced large section. How did she piece that? and the shading is amazing.




This Quilt won a third place.  I thing it is visibly stunning, imagine making all of those little flying geese.




One of my favourites, the use of colour and the integration of the pattern to create design is wonderful




Handmade Category.

Flower Rondo by Chinami Terai of Abiko, Chiba, Japan

First Place













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  1. Clare Vallance says:

    The quilts are amazing thank you for us to see them

  2. Tullia Ferrero says:

    Thanks a lot for the news about Festival. I’d like publishing that in Italy on our on-line magazine. My name is Tullia and with other Italian quilted founded a school of Quilting in Rome. We’ll try from lot of years teaching all we know about Patch and Quilting. I’m following you and your blog ferquently I’ll be very happy to guest you among our favoourites Quilter from abroad. The name of tha school is “SCUOLA ROMANA QUILTING” and the magazine on-line is “ARTE MORBIDA”. Thank you for an answer and always I’ll read your articles about this Art. Lot of regards Tullia Ferrero

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Hello Tullia, you are welcome to use them and let me know if you need more.

  3. Catherine Caldwell Butterworth says:

    Trilled that you liked my quilt “From the Inside Out”.

  4. Wow, each of these quilts are stunning! I especially love the quilting texture in Polish Pottery, where it looks woven.

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