This is a new format from Word Press.  

I’m going to use it now on the new Ipad.  This is my third Ipad pro and its by far the most interesting to use.   So I pass the oldest one to my husband and I can actually use two at the same time…. do I need to, well sort of, it’s handy to have three screens. 

I began the day by drawing these parrots for a project, I am influenced by the wonderful illustrations I saw on walls at the Craft Museum in Delhi.

Green parrots are everywhere, even in the city… they are seen all over India, but this picture taken at the craft Museum was my inspiration.

I like the bird and the flower, but the leaves are too heavy so I will work on them.

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  1. Sam says:

    Love your work! Such talent, thanks for sharing. What app do you use to draw?

    I use adobe sketch on the iPad Pro.

  2. Gypsy pamela Armas says:

    I love the craft museum in Delhi. Always one of my first stops!

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