Month: May 2019

The Sheldrick Wildlife Park.

  There was a great deal of expectation from the crowd. Suddenly a small lone  Rhino came wandering down the path came Maarifa. She strolled down quietly with her keeper walking behind her. Her story is below:-   Sadly I’ve just found out that she passed away on the 25th of March. Once fed, she turned without any prompting, then turned and quietly walked away. Suddenly there was the noise of large baby feet and a single line of baby elephants came running down the path.  

Oh Dear.

Is it really two months since I’ve written a  blog? In my defence, WordPress changed its format and I just didn’t have the time to spend working through the process because I was on the road for almost 3 months. My travels began on the 1st of January, through Morocco and on to Kenya, then down to Cape Town South Africa, up to Johannesburg and back to Cape Town on Safari. I had a few weeks home before I embarked on a trip to India… now I’m in the USA ….. folks the feet have barely hit the ground, but I’m valuing an unexpected week of time off and I can catch up on working through the blog as well as helping work on new tours to India, Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa. I was based in Nairobi to begin with and after a few interesting interesting incidents the tour went well. Note from my Diary. We travel through the countryside. Leaving the bustle and the noise of the city behind. I open the …