I found this art on a wall in Monterey CA.

I love staying in hotels….. actually it’s just as well because I’ve spent almost 7 weeks out of the last 12 living in them. 98% are Hilton Hotels so I know just what the bed will be like, the shampoo and the soap and even the coffee. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, I get a great breakfast and club facilities and of course I get other wonderful privileges. No, it’s not snobbery, it’s pure sense. You get more for your buck basically.

A desk, good wi fi and a decent office chair are also important, I work on the road and at home I have 3 stations to work and it’s very comforting for me to have everything in place for work and communication.

The year is just over half way through and these feet have been flying folks and they are planned to do a lot more running during the rest of the year. A retreat, a class in the country and then on to NZ for their large festival and back in time to prepare for Houston.

This is the end of my third trip around the world.

As far as travel, in November I will be doing a Textile Tour of India, then a little holiday time in Singapore. January begins the Amazon tour, and a quilting cocoon in the Dominican Republic. I’d love you to join me. I’ll have the information up on the web site in the next few days.

Mum and baby seals in the harbour in Monterey.

I met the nicest ladies in San Jose and then traveled to Monterey CA where I had a bitterly cold afternoon at sea whale watching. I will never forget that vision of the whales breaching out of the waves as they fed.

Time spent with Family and a Road Trip to Durango and back to LA. It was a wonderful trip and we had a great family time.

Beautiful Durango.


It was a real adventure and I can’t wait to visit again before Houston.

Down Route 66

And on to Dallas.

Then home.

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