A week of working.

Working for me takes many different routes. Sometimes, it’s giving a lecture, sometimes it’s teaching, at other times it’s drawing, writing, stitching and designing in the studio. In all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way – I have a lot of different roads I want to explore right now and I am indeed already going down that path.

The computer saves me a lot of time but I often find the day moving too fast if I happen to spend too much time sitting in this chair in front of the screen. I tell myself it’s a necessary appendage Sometimes I find myself justifying why I use my computer so much. But darn it, it’s so much part of what I do. I’ll never forget a computer guy, friend of the family who decided to take half of my apps off my laptop….. “You don’t need these” he said. I was furious and needless to say he doesn’t work on my computers any more. He also knew nothing about the art of quilting and how I used those applications.

To get everything done I need to spend a certain amount of time to each project. (An hour or so on one then move to another) I have a number of projects on the go at one time

The list this week I was working on the Gabriella piece.

Hand stitch over the machine stitch.
Finish the crows

A little seed stitching.

I also bought to life a project I had been thinking of as I traveled.

I found a small porcelain ornament in a shop in an airport and I did this drawing of the image.
I draw it in the iPad, then had it printed on fabric
The back, then stitched it as an illustration. Free motion.
The first page I designed for my travel Journal to India.
I’ll create a number of pages as a visual guide for our classes. I can add to them and create more as I travel.

In creating this journal, everything needs to come from India… so this paper was purchased there… I will also use stamps and fabric printed there.

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  1. Nola says:

    Your creative juices and your hands are flying Pam. Thank you for sharing. I bought some of the handmade paper and 3 small wooden stamps in India, so you are inspiring me to do my own thing too. Thank you. Hugs. PS. I enjoyed your talk about the fabric of life at the last Quilters Guild of South Australia meetiing.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you Nola.

  2. Your art is so fun to see. Very talented lady

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