A week in the life of a Textile Artist.

It’s been a week of interesting occasions.

Funny, – life has a way of grounding you at times so just follow the path and eventually you go through the gate and it opens to more amazing things.

I guess just saying “Amazing things” is a bit like going round in circles. “Amazing” means so many different things in a way. For me, “Amazing” means new ideas, the way the light hits the tree tops at sunrise…. or even the warmth of a quilt over your knees watching TV.

Yep it’s all of those things.

I had a weekend in the country teaching and then I drove back home on Monday.

I enjoyed the solitude of driving, the ever-changing scenery and coming upon a whole paddock of emus, just grazing. Yes, that was Amazing. You don’t do that everyday.

I love being with like minded ladies who want to learn more about Textile Art. Just a a short time and we all became friends. It’s comfortable and you feel the vibe of creativity. This trip afforded me an opportunity to help organise another event in the future which will be really exciting for the Quilting Community and beyond. (more details later)

I was in the Riverland, which is about 4 hours from home and the scenery changed from hill country to open plains full of grape vines, bright green trees laden with oranges and the blossom of hundreds of almond trees, all bound by the winding River Murray.

Of course, at home I have enough things to keep me busy and smiling every day.

I began a new project , creating a Journal for the trips to India and Singapore in a few months time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working through the ideas.

I’m going to use Indian paper to begin with and create each page as a small project. I need to have mine prepared in part before I leave because I will teach it as we travel.

I’ve created paintings from my photos and embroideries with silk purchased on other occasions. I have to look at stamping, posters, oh, so many things to add.

I’m also in the process of quilting a very large project so I have to allot several hours a day to get the jolly thing completed.

Then there are the Grandies…. who need time. Special Time.

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  1. Connie Reilly says:

    Wow, such life you have! you are so blessed. Is the man with the turban painted or stitched? He is wonderful! What is the fabric paper called? please teach me hiw to work with Silk?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Painted Connie…. We’ve only know it as paper in India, but I will find out.

      Yes we will be doing more with silk.

  2. Connie Reilly says:

    You are amazing. How do you travel so much and still have time for your art?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      I draw and write any spare minute, in a crowd, a waiting room….. you know.

  3. glendajean says:

    Love the look on the Grandie’s faces Pam, and the area behind for them to play in it looks so inviting. Best of luck with that quilting Iv’e also just started sashiko quilting a quilt after having cortisone injections in to my thumb last Feb I can now use my hand for quilting its such a wonderful feeling to be back quilting by hand Cheers Glenda

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Mine still hurts, it’s the base of my thumbs.

  4. Awesome pictures you have there.

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