4.23 am and the body clock is out of sync.

A 16 hour time change, the body clock is not working right and I can’t just lay in bed and think, so I’m up and quietly working on my computer. Hot milk has been consumed and in a while I will probably lay my head on the lounge and sleep until the grandies come down the stairs.

It’s very cold outside, -3 degrees but the gas fire throws out a blanket of heat and a warm glow.

The countryside is beautiful here in Durango Colorado. The yellow leaves of the quaking aspen against the blue of the sky is breathtaking. The leaves are falling fast and I took some images today but I have 6 more days to create so I’m looking forward to the opportunities.

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  1. Sharon Lee says:

    The Durango area is one of my very favorite places to be in the fall! Its hard to beat aspen gold, clear VERY blue skies, and snow on the mountain tops

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