A Photographic tour of a small tour up to Purgatory Mountain

What is it,


Hot springs are a result of melted snow and rainfall trickle down cracks in the Earth’s surface towards it core. After travelling thousands of feet, it reaches a point where it can’t go any further, so it begins to move back upward, using its intense heat to dissolve rocks and anything else that hinders it. However, scientists aren’t completely sure how the Pinkerton Hot Springs in Durango, CO, receive their heat, but they’ve narrowed it down to two reasons. Either the water is simply becoming hotter as it circulates deeper into the Earth’s core, or it could actually reach magma, which gives off an even more extreme heat.

“We drove up to Purgatory Mountain yesterday.

The sun shone, the air was clear and we drove up to the base of the mountain, about 8,800 feet. The air is thinner, the temperature dropped to below zero and it was a heavenly day to photograph. Within a few days the leaves will fall and an entirely new vista will be viewable.

I love the layers of colours and the way the yellow leaves seem to rise to the top of the thinly branched aspens. It’s like moving lace as the trees sway in the breeze.”


For my color ideas I capture the color palette using Adobe Capture. I then save the colors in my files for future use.

I use the ideas and colors for my Textile Art. I use the iPad Pro to create images, so when I’m taking images I always have several things in mind.

The image itself, the colors, the uses for the image and then just what can I do with it.

Now for some more drawings.

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  1. Trudy Gomez says:

    I love seeing your journeys along with the fabulous tips you generously share. You are such a remarkable woman!

  2. Donna Pido says:

    HI Pam, I”m assuing that Purgatory Mountain is in Australia but the trees look like birches. Where is it? AND are their birches in Australia?

    All the best
    Donna PIdo, Nairobi

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Hello Donna, I’m in Durango Colorado at the moment. Hence the Birches.

  3. Most inspiring. Thank you for taking me there

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