Jay Ganisha, Good morning.

We began the day in Sanganer which is 12km south of Jaipur and has a ruined palace, a group of Jain temps with fine carvings ( The main reason to visit, however, is to see its handmade paper- and block-printing shops, workshops and factories (mostly found around the main drag, Stadium Rd), where you can see the products being made.

It was the first experience of walking the streets for some of our participants. Teeming with the day to day activities of market shopping, it’s a great way to experience life here in Jaipur. I love walking and interacting with everyone. There is an unsurpassed warmth of friendliness and I’m very comfortable in those shoes.

On to our fist workshop.. understanding Kantha stitch. Helped by a group of experts the ladies put needle to fabric and the first of their projects was done. A little backstory first: Kantha is a type of quilt mostly created in West Bengal. It is a quilt using no batting, but rather one made from two to five layers of old, used saris. … One of the distinguishing characteristics of kanthas is the lines of simple running stitches used to hold the layers together

Then came the time to view the quilts, and of course we had the opportunity to create garments from vintage Kanthas. It’s one of the highlights of creation in our tour.

I’m thrilled with my purchases and there is a stunningly gorgeous Kantha swing Jacket coming my way.

I’m going to say, just to sit in he midst of the most amazing textiles you will see and take in the beauty is overwhelming at times. On the other hand, we jump right in there and capture the spirit of Textile India.

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  1. Susan Carlyle says:

    This is wonderful. Wow, wish I were there.

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