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I love Summer

I love summer at my house, and today I’m sitting under the gazebo overlooking our property having breakfast to the chorus of magpies and parrots.

The agapanthus are in early bloom and ring the garden in a purple haze. As testament to their tenacity they even grow in the cracks of the bricks. The air is still and warm and it’s so still. The eucalyptus trees with weeping leaves hang silently, but the smell that permeates the air is ‘Home’ and I miss that so much when I’m traveling.

I spent 24 hours in a hospital room with a Grandie yesterday and when I got home and opened the door of the car I just sat there for a few minutes, breathing deeply to capture the air and the scent and ambience and remind myself of our families good fortune despite day to day hiccups.

The temperature will rise into the 100’s later in the day and there is the ever present threat of bushfires again.

These are the days we don’t leave the house unattended so for me I have a precious, quiet day alone in my studio pandering to my creative senses.



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  1. Susan Shamekh says:

    I loved seeing your studio- thanks for sharing!

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