A muddling day.

I began the day with good intention, plans were changed for a meeting at the last minute and it sort of threw me a bit.

OK, suck it up sunshine, I wanted to achieve a lot today, but I got sidetracked and washed the bathroom mats and did some cooking. (not my favourite thing) I sorted out some of my antique textiles and printed panels. Kissed the Grandies and made an Eddie Cushion.

I’m going to admit, that it’s really difficult making the change between travel and teaching and coming home to my ‘expected’ life style. There are so many expectations placed on you, I sure know how to work it when I travel, but sometimes it takes weeks to get back to normal at home and what is ‘normal’ I really don’t do anything that my peers at home do.

This time I’ve made a concentrated effort to take everything one small step at a time.

I’ve been home 3 weeks tomorrow and leave again in 6 days and I’m really excited to be meeting my guests as we wing our way to the Dominican Republic. The students have tremendous faith in us as teachers. They are traveling a great distance. It’s rather humbling. So with plane tickets and hotel tickets all completed as of today I’m happy that I have them all sealed in that bright orange folder.

The cactus fabric is mine and I’m not too sure if I want to bind this quilt with it. It’s a bit way out… but I love it.

I love this fabric, I’ve really only used it for the back of a quilt, so It might look super on the “Cat Hat” Quilt.

I managed to do a few hours of quilting on the Giraffe today, I made a cushion with a piece of spare “Eddie” fabric and did a little “auditioning”

My My Eddie fabric.

I also pulled out one of my Indian Embroideries… I love it.. so I put it up on the board and bless it, it talks to me.

This is also my fabric and I had it printed on cheesecloth to make a scarf from, however, its really wide and looks lovely as a table cloth… so that’s what it will be.

As I write, it’s on 5.00 pm, so really, I did quite a lot really, the rest of the evening will be hand sewing and I will wake with new vitality tomorrow.

Finished another drawing and that’s it for the day.

Not too shabby really.

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  1. Sita Dubeau says:

    I love the colour combos in this post – so vivid, and eye-catching.
    What a productive day!

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