It’s cooler today.

For us, living in the Adelaide Hills, the temperature has dropped and it’s cool once again. There is a stillness in the garden and the agapanthus are almost in full bloom and I love sitting out amongst the foliage and my ‘things’ and working.

It’s unreal that our country is in the grip of terrible bush fires, millions, yes millions of animals have been killed as have people and 1000’s of homes destroyed. It’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when so many terrible things have been happening.

We are all doing what we can in our own way, donating time, food and money but it’s going to be a long road.

My day today has been spent working on the computer, and quilting, darn straight lines…. so boring.

I admit to sort of skirting around it. There the quilt sits passively on the machine waiting, waiting and sometimes I really have to push myself to sit there for hours quilting. Sometimes, I sort of look a bit sideways at it?

I actually designed a quilting pattern for a quilt I made, The Rhino quilt. I did a 12″ sample and I liked it, I then spent a week working out the best way to mark it and an entire week to draw the pattern. When I saw it on the quilt in association with the applique image I had on the quilt I didn’t like it. So I abandoned my plans and just did straight quilting.

So with that said about quilting, I finally sat down and finished the quilting on the Giraffe. whooo hooo.

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