Bringing your travels back home.

I sit under a Kantha quilt of indeterminable age at night when I watch TV, made by someone in the magical world of invisible possibility.

There’s a stack that is neatly folded by the big chair that the Grandies love to sit in, and each of them has a favorite quilt to sit under. They are not all Indian; some of them are vintage and antique American Quilts.

I’ve gifted precious travel-found quilts to every family.

Once, I spent an entire trip going into antique malls and finding vintage quilts. Daughter Rachael had one she loved, and it was showing signs of wear, but she needed one that just felt like the old one so I spent a lot of time wrapping them around my shoulders to see if I could get her one that felt the same.

I did it, but I must admit, it caused some very strange looks as I wrapped each quilt around my shoulders. A quilt is not a quilt; it needs to feel right.

That’s what I mean by bringing my travels back home; somehow, they follow me with a smile and end up in my house and my heart. I don’t have to do expensive renovations; I add, subtract, and rearrange my things. I have four different types of quilts on my bed, and every settee in the house is draped with deliciousness.

I will say that I sort of have an eye for things that I know will fit the decor of our house. These are just a few from my 2019 travels.

Vintage Kantha

This piece travels with me and I capture the textile expression of the places that I visit and work in by sewing them into the piece.

An old disused Indigo skirt from Guatemala is the base, and there are pieces from India, Japan, Thailand, USA, Morocco, combined to make a unique art piece.

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  1. glendajean says:

    Lovely luscious colours Pam. I know what you mean by feel. I have a teddy bear that is made from 37 different soft fabrics like a patchwork Teddy and I love handling him, A friend from Minnesota sent me a minky and flannel quilt and I have it on my bed all the time, I just love the weight and the softness of the minky!!!!

  2. Magda says:

    Enjoy reading about your travels

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you it begins again soon

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