Working through the process.

Still working on the Giraffe.

To be honest I had some doubts after I coloured the background but I quite like it now and I have a lot more planned for it, by that I mean I need to darken the top two edges of the quilt so that your eyes focus on the image rather than the flatness of a quilt, it will give it dimension I think.

This quilt is done on heavily woven cotton fabric, the Giraffe has a little coloured fabric as the base, but most of it is drawn.

The background is pigment ink and was added after the giraffe was thread painted.

I had to quilt the background before I added the mane and the grass.

Each piece of grass is added separately, and I have used 3 colours of Indian Rubia fabric. As you can see, I’ve only completed one side of the grass, (well almost completed), there is more to add to the shading.

The shading is pigment ink and (sorry I don’t ever use paint on fabric) The fabric is dyed along with the thread that I used to stitch the appliquéd grass down with

I’m using the amazing Janome M7 Continental Professional and it’s performance is exceptional, it’s the ultimate art quilt machine. I guess you know I don’t spend time creating pieced quilts, this machine is the creme de le creme and is an extension of my hands to create an illustration with thread. I’m aiming for a dimensional effect and I think I’m getting there.

There is still a lot more stitching to do, and I probably won’t get to finish it before I leave on Thursday, but that’s OK.

Another busy day today, the Grandies came to visit and to make popcorn and eat ice blocks. Spent a short time with the others and Tilly is now the owner of a beautiful red Nikon camera. It took a while to arrive but now I want to see what she can do with it.

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  1. glendajean says:

    SO wonderful watching how you are building your giraffe quilt Pam, it just gets more and more interesting. Its interesting to see how your new Janome is working so well for your art. CHeers Glenda

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Glenda. Yes, it is the most amazing machine.

  2. Corni Quinlivan says:

    Pam-just beautiful. That background! Perfect. Just curious, what type of pigment ink pens do you use? I took an Alphabet class by one of your “licensed” teachers years ago in Southern California, and if I recall, we used Fabrico (Fabrica?) pens. Love your work, your blog posts, and your artistic vision. Blessings for an end to the devastation going on.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Cori, I use a variety of pens, Fabric of course, but Faber Castell has a huge range of colours in smaller pens. Staedler too have some pigment ink pens. The fabric are the biggest and last the longest.

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